Friday, October 26, 2012

Building Links to your Site: The Future Trend

There are many large internet marketing firms out there that promise to link their customers' websites to other webpages throughout their network and list them in their directory as well.  This is a form of SEO practice called "link building" which is very important when it comes to search page ranking.  Link buyers beware: this certain form of link building is being targeted by Google through their algorithm changes made this year.

These web directories have been taking ranking hits this year as Google has rolled out the changes.  It appears as if Google is trying to drive better link building strategies, in effect, saying that it is better to earn quality links than to pay for an inclusion in a directory or network.  So what does this mean and how do we earn more valuable links?

Here's the logic behind link building:  you have a business website that you are trying to rank higher on the web.  By building links across the internet, you can generate more relevant traffic to your site by gaining links on highly trusted websites which essentially acts as a point or vote for your site.  The key phrase is "highly trusted websites."  You want to make sure that whoever is creating links to your site across the internet is doing so on trusted sites, otherwise, that link won't count as much or at all towards your site's ranking. 

One way to build high trusted links that will most likely also drive traffic to your site is through social media.  It's free to sign up and since so many people use social media sites, they are highly trusted on the internet.  Web Crawl Consulting offers full social media marketing management for businesses looking for help in this area. 

Another way, although not as strong, is through blog content writing and blog comments.  By getting published on other sites, you are often allowed to include a link back to your website.  Keep in mind that your blog and comments should be related to your website's industry.

To see a more on this subject, please see the video at The Death of Link Building.

Author: Michael Palmer

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